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Get a life

24 hours a day is not even NEAR enough to accomplish what I set out to do.

The problem is it’s not a very ambitious list, any ol’ superhero can see to it in seconds. Failing that, any robot is also overqualified for it.

But poor, lousy, lazy mortals like me are struggling.

And that explains the sorry state of this blog.

January – April are what I presume to be the busiest months of my life, ever, so I can’t vouch for regular updates here.

*disclaimer – it’s not really that bad as I make it sound. It just feels that way to me coz I’m just very bad at it.


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Ok, the previous post was borne out of a period of “heightened emotion” and melodrama. I won’t fault anyone for ignoring the last bit ;)

It is generally understood, and accepted, that every action has a reaction, has a consequence, or leads to other actions, et cetera. The point is that everything that happens around us constantly reflects some other thing that happened in the past, or will be reflected by something in the future. It is all a giant internconnected mass of actions. With all these actions and reactions and consequences going on, it’s a miracle that anybody gets anything done at all.

What miracle can that be? Might it be that this boils down on our control of actions? Now that I’ve said it, it might seem startlingly obvious, warranting at the very least a good smack to the forehead. Yet I strongly suspect many of us go about our hummingbee lives without consciously putting that into practice, though all of us practice it daily reflexively. Tightly controlling our actions lead to limiting/creating the reactions they cause, and the conseqeuences we have to face, as well as  the joy we might experience. Life is making a decision after another decision after another decision; realising the simple fact that our actions will control the changes in our life will make making decisions easier.

Of course, controlling our actions is easier said than done. Thus the role of discipline comes in. By definition, a disciplined person has greater control over their actions, leading towards a greater control of their lives and a greater chance of realising their ambitions and dreams. Successful people often cite discipline as a key factor,  as well as hard work. Hard work is basically a disciplined, conscious choice of choosing to work as opposed to play. So, let me take a short cut in my rationalising (save time) and skip to my point: a disciplined, tightly regulated control of our actions permeates every aspect of successful life.

Success means different things to different people and at this point I would emphasize that my use of successful life is by no means specific and can be applied to any number of your favourite definitions.

What’s the point of all this rambling, and what is it doing on this blog, I hear you ask. Well suffice to say 2010 started with a bang – of highly undesirable and unlucky events; perhaps as a reaction to the high point that was 2008 and 2009, quite easily the two most interesting years of my life so far. I’m going to take this very bad start as an auspicious indicator though – with such a start, 2010 can only get better. ;)

Disclaimer: I am an architecture student and don’t know about the secrets of success. Flora will probably shoot my theory down in a minute.

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It is rare for me to leave my blog un-updated for such a long period of time, unless if I am busy with uni, away traveling or I don’t have internet access.  I have had friends over for some days now, and have been on some day trips, but internet access is with me all the time, literally, so it isn’t that. Plus it is holidays.

Rather, as I slip into a new decade, I find that this blog grows less relevant to me day by day. It’s not that I am no longer interested in writing, blogging, or sharing my opinions or ocasionally posting my photos; In fact, it is the exact opposite.

Anyway, this is merely a filler post as I work on possibly the most relevant post ever on this blog. As I have more urgent priorities (sadly) than that, it might not appear fully just right now, which is a bit of a shame because I think when I finally get a chance to finish it I will have lost the spirit of most of what I so desperately wanted to share.

Happy new year All~

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