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My dog ate my computer…

Not really, but close enough. Without regular and unhindered access to a computer/laptop, mostly because I’ve been busy out and about, but also because there are some problems with my computer – it arrived from Belgium slightly mashed up and something seems to be going awry with the wiring; spent hours twiddling with the innards of the CPU and then decided I’ll stick to lame excuses-there isn’t any time to work on the loads of RAW photos I took during the three weeks my parents was here, nor write some kind of proper post. I’ve been trying to do some kind of writing, more to record the days and nights of my life which seems so fleeting than to have any material for this half-dead blog, but that’s neither here nor there…

Since none of the things that I’ve jotted down are ready or appropriate to post, I’ll have to make do with a summary of things. It’s becoming a kind of habit – left to its own, my mind starts to wander rather far away. Since I never finish anything on time, more so when it’s a personal project, I decided it would be beneficial to leave some short notes here and there for my ostensibly future need. And of course to update any readers still lying around…

London was never my first choice of a city to look for a job in, regardless of what I told my parents. (They didn’t approve). Nevertheless, I now find myself looking at spending the next year here, though strictly speaking Saunders Architects actually lies just outside the city. I start on Wednesday the 1st, and they were really nice to invite me to their 20th anniversary bash on Friday the 3rd. As my father put it, in a Cinaman company in KL you probably wouldn’t even get a whiff of bonus until you’ve worked at least 12 months. I’m still based in Camden Town until the end of October at the very least. I don’t understand the negative attention Camden Town seems to attract; the combination of very cheap housing (relatively) 15-20 minutes walking distance to ANYWHERE you could possibly want to go in London (if not, 5 minutes to a varieties of subway Lines, train stations, innumerable bus stops and taxies..) offsets just about any disadvantage you could throw up. It being within sight of UCL Hospital, you don’t even have to worry so much about the occasional stabbing. Ok, joke in bad taste…

With it being the world’s second most expensive city to live in (after Moscow), it’s inevitable that the city’s current incarnation is hopelessly intertwined with its finance and banking sector and of late, that’s of course THE part of the services industry that’s associated with gloom and doom and what the people here only hear about. Ever since I could understand what little I do about these finance people, I have always thought that the “products” they peddle seem to be worriedly abstract. I was brought up to believe that business is built on good, solid, physical products, but as I’m a largely ignorant kid and this seemed to be an era of abstractness (think online (insert verb)-ing: i mean, is online GROCERY shopping really necessary?) , I didn’t think it was all that disturbing. Anyway I think they always seem to play with fire – heroes when times are good, zeroes when times aren’t. They deserve understanding, sympathy and pats of encouragment… almost. Maybe. Not a role I’d choose to be in anyhow.

So… that’s about it. The euphoria that I finally have a (semi) permanent flat resulted in a book buying spree, all from book fairs, second-hand bookstores and Amazon of course. Borders is way too expensive 100% of the time. Though I must say, shopping at Amazon does lack a certain je ne sais quoi you can only get by spending long hours browsing through the racks of a suitably dilapidated looking bookstore filled with suitably musty and dog-eared books…

But whatodo? It’s the age of Abstractness mah… even politicians speak in abstract-ese nowadays, don’t they? In that sense, local politicians (wherever you are, it doesn’t matter) have probably done their homework in their effort to keep up with the Joneses.

Cheers! or, as a true Londoner would say, *unintelligible grunt + disinterested look*.


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Sneak Preview

In Manchester now, somewhere in the middle of somekind of holiday around UK.

Isle of Skye, Inner Hebrides, Scotland

It was a completely typical day in the Inner Hebrides – by which I mean cold, windy, rainy, cloudy, all day long.

Must be recognizable for many people – Urquhart Castle, by the Loch Ness; off Drumnadrochit, Scotland

Somewhere on the road to Stirling, in the hidden small trunk roads of Perthshire, Scotland

It’s my first time shooting in RAW actually. Will post more; Wait lah ok. Cheers!

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See Ya Tomorrow

So I finally attended an interview on Friday…

Anyway immediately after the interview till today I’ve been busy finalizing the details of my parents’ and sister’s trip to the UK. The basic outline had been finished months ago (upon behest of family members) and the Eurostar tickets bought as well in July but I have been delaying the other stuff due to all the other matters keeping me busy of the past two months. Well – almost everything’s settled, with the immense contribution of Flora – hotels booked; prices calculated and recalculated and then recalculated again (to achieve the lowest budget hahah) – prices of rooms, of car rentals, of train and ferry schedules, fuel costs, and even of seemingly unrelated things like GPS, duvets and pillows and blankets…

It’s so much harder to plan a trip for family – especially when they’re halfway round the world. I remember the only planning we did for the Germany trip was to buy a 1-way train ticket to Mannheim and making sure Alex (Schumm) had enough sleeping bags and a tent and a map with campsites on it. Well of course there was some ample reading up about the country, but if you don’t know nuts about the place you are going to go I would advise you to just save the money and stay at home.

So, earlier in the evening I was chatting with my sister on MSN and I finished the conversation with “see ya tomorrow”. Only then did it strike me fully that after months and weeks of talk and planning they are gonna be here in another half a day… gosh.

I don’t really know what to say to that. (except that I won’t welcome the nagging that will be certain to happen :P)

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Socks are strange. They are mysterious and disappear inexplicably without any sort of formula or pattern. When I left KL last year i brought 10 pairs of socks with me to Glasgow. They’ll be enough, I told myself. In February when i was packing for Belgium I found that the socks have somehow dwindled to 6 pairs and a couple of stray socks without its partner. Strange – I thought. Due to a lack of space I packed just 3 pairs of socks with me and in my first week in Ghent I bought 5 new pairs. 8 pairs of socks – enough for 6 months, I told myself.

The mysteries doesn’t end there. In August when I packed for my return to Glasgow I found that now I had only 4 pairs left! All others – gone inexplicably. Nevermind, I returned to Glasgow and collected the other pairs of socks that I left in the care of a friend with all my other junk. Again inexplicably, I only found 2 complete pairs of socks.

Now it’s September, I have moved to London and again I found myself with less socks then I last counted.

Where the hell are all these fucking socks? Its such a trivial matter, yet so stupidly irritating when you need socks but can’t find them.

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