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Opening themes

I haven’t watched a TVB serial since the days of unlimited internet in Glasgow, but here is something interesting to wonder about. These serials always starts with an opening song that lasts for a little more than a minute, featuring interesting and/or crucial scenes from the whole series. Anyways, as far as i can tell, aside from all the fanciful tales of multi-million business deals and exaggerated lifestyles of the rich, many of these characters and stories are not so much different from our own in real life.

So, have you ever thought of your life as a TVB serial? If not, think about it now. Choose two points in your life so far where you would start and end that particular serial, so you’d know how much of your life it encompasses and what it is mostly about. Now, think about your opening song. Which scenes would you put in it? what “defining moments” had you have in your life so far that would be worthy of a script, and would go great with a particular song playing in the background?

If you can’t find enough storylines and plot threads in your life to make a 20-episode serial full of tired cliches, do you think it’s time for some changes in your life?


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Here is an interesting link: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/chronicle/archive/2000/01/18/MN73840.DTL

What does it mean, when things that they are finding out now via all this studies and experiments, is the same as what ancient philosophers have been talking about for more than a thousand years? why couldn’t they just have accepted their words for the truth and went to research about something else…….

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So there was a huge ruckus in the studio yesterday. It was pretty lame actually, if you ask me. The tutor was enjoying the sound of his own voice, which was usual, when Johannes objected to a critical comment made about him. The tutor objected to having his critical comment objected to and came up with a counter-critical comment. Xevi joined in the fray because he had his own critical comments about the tutor, and then they started shouting and tossing critical comments around. The funniest thing was that none of it was actually about architecture. In fact in the month and half so far over here I’ve seen precious little talk about architecture really. The tutor had some points, but when he got engaged in the shouting match like a hot-headed youth (in other words, like us) i started losing respect for him and had to hold my head in my hands and say “oh no”.

Well you can now say we started the Easter holidays with a bang.

The two and half weeks of holidays promises to be great. I have Belgium (again!!) and Amsterdam planned for the first week with the visiting pharmacists and in the second week i want to check out a few cities in Netherlands like Rotterdam and Utrecht. And then if we have time (even if we don’t have time) i really want to explore the south of Belgium with Tomas and Eliska and whoever else who is interested. Or i might just stay here in Ghent and rot. I don’t know actually. And isn’t not knowing more fun? The problem with staying here and rotting is that I’m almost done with the good movies left by Alex and now the only ones left are the unfunny comedies and unscary horror films. Speaking of horror, 1408 was actually pretty good. And No Country for Old Men was rather boring, despite all the philosophical and relevant questions it brings up. It was gripping at first, but when the guy you’ve been seeing most of the film suddenly dies (off-screen nonetheless) long before the movie actually ends you can almost be assured the ending will suck.

Happy holidays!

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A little light update just for the sake of updating, without any serious overtones at all. Easter weekend was great. Alex came to visit from Mannheim with Eloise, who came directly from Glasgow, and together with the girls we went to Gravensteen Castle here in Ghent, showed them around Ghent, and also to the cities of Bruges and Oostende. Oostende is fucking great. I just love the sea, whichever part of the world. Nevermind the intermittent snow throughout the day and the chilly wind, the sea is great great GREAT! It was late in the afternoon, and the rays of sun that shone through the clouds glinted off the water and the sand, casting a dreamy surreal glow on everything you could see. It was a feast for my eyes, and the howling of the wind and the crashing of the waves, as strong as the Malaysian east coast during monsoon seasons, was music to my ears. Incredible.


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The great unknown

They asked him,
“hey, where’s this bus going?”
and he said, “well, i’m really not sure.”
“well then, how will you know where to get off?”
and he said, “the place with the most allure.”

because i love the unknown
i love the unknow

– from the soundtrack of rocket science

Something i can totally relate to.

I have been on a diet of quirky teen flicks like Rocket Science and Superbad and Juno etc as well as weird not-so-funny comedies like Weirdsville, and a host of other random movies dumped to me by Alex as a parting present before he went back to Mannheim 2 months ago. I’ve just started to work through it over the past couple of weeks, mainly because i have developed a habit for watching movies at home when as recent as 8 months ago i didn’t even watch TV at home, let alone movies. Not because i didn’t like to, mind you, but because i always had something or other to do. All this movie-watching stems from internet streaming, German ex-flatmates that continuously download movies and then deposit them to you and a 22″ wide screen monitor. To be honest though, it all started in Sungai Buloh when i resorted to borrowing Charlie’s dvds to drown out the unwelcome noise of…erm.. night insects. yeah, that’s right, night insects. Really.

The doctor asked him what he was afraid of
just what was he running from?
he said, “it’s not a fear of success, nor of closeness
but of going through life feeling numb.”

That’s why i love the unknown
i love the unknown~

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blown cover

the world’s a stage, Shakespeare says…… so, put on your mask and be a fucking actor? Try to ignore reality and continue being stupid as i might, sometimes i just have to stop and give myself a figurative shake of my shoulders ( i can’t really do that physically) and ask myself: what the fuck am i doing?

I haven’t done it for such a long time, one might think those days were gone forever, but no..

Standing there in the dingy smoke i could only ask again and again: whatthefuckwhatthefuckwhatthefuckwhatthefuck…..

Any excuses? Plenty available if i try to think. Karma? I’d bet so. Taste of my own medicine? If i choose to swallow it…

It’s the same really. I haven’t changed, however much i should. The question is whether will i eventually even choose to do anything about it.

As Ben Stiller says in the Heartbreak Kid, fuck me.

It was a good night out, though. Riding across the tram tracks on the back of Nagore’s bike with the tram inches away from slamming into us is something to remember. Nagore, incidentally, is the best cyclist in Gent. Takes some nerves and belief in your vehicle to ride full-speed in front of an onrushing tram, really…………

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Stupidly satisfying

Its so stupidly satisfying to wake up late after a nice night out the night before and eat (my favourite) breakfast rolls with (also my favourite) smoked salmon and watch tom and jerry and scooby doo cartoons the whole of saturday morning and not thinking about anything other than how ridiculous but enjoyable those cartoons are.

But alas, smoked salmon is too expensive to be staple food for me. And i don’t know if its the rolls or the oven, but all my rolls here end up burnt on the bottom, and i am sick of peeling off the bottoms everytime so i will just stop eating it.

Wednesday has passed – i chose the party and missed the Antwerp trip. Whatever, i have to go back there at least two more times so i’m not too sad. Another random note – whatever happened to the spring imagery of sunshine and flowers? All i have seen so far that signifies the imminent coming of spring is clouds, rain, and a strong wind that gives a whole new meaning to the term ‘stationary bike’. Murphy’s Law is evident here, the wind will always be blowing against whichever direction you’re traveling on your bike, and never with you. I think the people in cars, or even on foot, gets a kick out of laughing at those hapless cyclists trying in vain to pedal desperately in the path of the wind. This is probably what Lewis Mumford means by his cryptic “street drama” in his confusing urban history papers – free entertainment.

There is a guy who scored 21As in SPM (some high school examination). My opinion, as unimportant as that is, is that this guy is nuts. Trying too hard to be a genius? It’s nice to do well and have aims and big ambitions and all, but i think if your ambition is to be someone really smart or a breakthrough scientist or a really established scholar, studying 21 subjects for an examination like the SPM seems to be heading towards the wrong direction. I am not jealous of his ‘achievement’, and i have to say he really is hardworking, but i’d think the time spent studying for so many redundant subjects (look for the list of subjects he took on NST or Lowyat forums or something and you will see what i mean) could be used for much more constructive purposes towards his goals. He wants to be outstanding, but i think that doing well in something like the SPM just proves you’re good at being average. As far as i know, no one brilliant or outstanding has ever done well in school because school is just that – a test of mediocrity. Look elsewhere, boy! Your determination can be used for better things i’m sure. Don’t waste it on gimmicks.

And that ends the post for today. Yes, no pictures again.

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