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Me and Puisan did well for our first project and now we are eligible for an exchange program to a bunch of different European countries for a semester, from january to may.

hm…. to go or not to go? that is the question.

don’t normally ask for comments, but… please give your opinion!


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Linguistic oxymoron

It gets very oxymoronic when you consider that Alex the Malaysian sees that fluency in English is a potential ticket to better things for Asians and Alex the German sees fluency in Chinese as a potential ticket to better things for Europeans. And when you think about it, both are true.

The grass is always greener on the other side? Or just another weirdness of capitalism and globalization?

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I have been eating spaghetti for the past 3 days because i’m on a quest to find out the best way to reconcile pasta with Asian cooking. Boiled in the afternoon, fried at night. I haven’t found the perfect recipe yet, but maybe that’s because i’ve been on a vegetarian diet as well because i’m out of any sort of meat (but refuse to buy any because i want to finish everything else in my fridge first. It’s one of my budgeting measures, and it seems to work). The problem is, it all tastes perfectly fine to me and i can’t tell which is better because as anyone who has eaten regularly with me knows, i’ll eat just about anything because my tastebuds got destroyed by too much bad food during NS.

Ahh, problems.

There’s a point to this post, but i forgot what while contemplating about my next recipe.

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I talked to another architecture student i met on the plane to Dubai and it’s cool because now i have another person to whine and complain to. she told me she slept almost every night throughout the 1st 3 years and did very well to boot. I now look to her for sage advice. I asked for her trick and she said “sometimes you just have to learn how to say “fuck it, i’m going to sleep” That shall be my new principle.

Honestly, that isn’t hard – with my bed 2 inches away from my study desk i regularly remember clearly getting up, sitting down in front of my computer, opening autocad, and the next thing i know is waking up again 3 hours later.. and then it repeats itself. It’s almost like deja vu. So, while it seems that i’ve been working whole day and whole night, but in actual fact half the time was spent sleeping. The weather makes it ideal for sleeping whatever the time is, so i’m taking the advice very close to my heart…

Having said that, first 2 assignments went remarkably well – Architecture here is viewed from a different perspective; it is something enjoyable and different from the “torture” methods sometimes employed back home. The same girl asked me how are architecture programs structured in KL, which has got me thinking. It appears that tutors here are incredibly lenient and you could get away with almost any scheme and it seems they have weird notions, sometimes, of what is considered good – but try digging beneath the surface, and you come across a similarity in perception – reminiscent of Mr Chan’s famous quote in studio 3 “good design is objective” and an interesting question to chew on: are the disparities between teaching methods a reflection of differences between the two locations, or differences in schools of thought..  or merely a reflection of student mentality?

I hope i’m making sense. And i hope someone responds, either way :p

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Doing work all day gives you a sense of disorientation and you start losing all sense of time and place.

I spent so many hours on autocad until i was starving and almost picked up my phone to call josh to the nearest mamak.

Just a random statement… back to work work work

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#12 : Lock yourself out of your room – check

#55 : Set off the fire alarm – check

#18: Bring back public property for living room decoration- check

#63: Display your alcohol bottle collection by the window – check

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Pros and Cons

The cool thing about the main library here is that you can find loads of ancient books that are decades old and you can borrow them for six weeks.

The bad thing about the main library is that most books are ancient………

All the newer books are in the architecture library which you can’t borrow for long. Bummer!

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