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Nights in Glasgow can get pretty boring because there are usually hordes of drunken Europeans everywhere singing at the top of their voices and i don’t feel like going out and taking my chances to see if anyone suddenly wants to have some knuckle exercises. All we puny asians do is have dinner together somewhere and chill until everyone’s dozing off and go back to our rooms to msn with weird Malaysians who refuse to sleep even though its 7am there.

People find it hard to believe that i’ve not had a drop of alcohol since a can of beer on the flight from Dubai when compared to the huge amounts people drink here. For a general comparision my flat’s living room is littered with beer bottles and vodka bottles and even wine bottles and they’re just the work of two dudes, the Scot and the Dutch. And my fridge is crammed full with more beer and wine and vodka. I told you guys i’m serious about abstaining from alcohol.. hahaha

I’ve been wanting to write something.. more meaningful and thoughtful… then general updates but i am too lazy to spend hours typing on a german keyboard when friends are (almost) within shouting distance.

I’ve got my first assignment already. It’s due two fridays from now.. too soon!

Lastly, everyone, everyone said that i’d come back fatter. I shall prove them all wrong and go back thinner! Here’s my rationale. Back in Malaysia i gained lots of weight by eating at weird times, like really weird times, and getting wayyyyyyyyyyy insufficient sleep. I am walking plenty of kms daily now and getting enough sleep (for now) and not getting enough to eat (what to do, save money), so i assume i will WILL lose weight.


p.s: i’m too lazy to think of a proper title.


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update #1

in case anzyone is wondering, iäm still alive.

so anzwaz, iäm safe and sound in switzerland new zealand GLASGOW and iäm living with 4 dudes, a german, a scot, a dutch, a chinese. there is still 1 room emptz but i expect someone will move in soon. The scot is alwazs out and the dutch is alwazs working and the chinese is alwazs in his room so all i see is usuallz the german. Evertzhing is fine and dandz except for mz damn computer, which isnt working.

so, i bet zouäre asking, wtf is wrong with this guz, heäs been there for like 3 dazs and now heäs tzping weirdlz?” zeah well,  iäm using a german kezboard to tzpe now which has funnz kezboard arrangement, so bear with the poor spelling because i am too lazy to squint at the kezboard and tzpe properlz. isät not hard, itäs just that everz “y” is a “z” and everz “z” is a “y” and every “ä” is a ‘.

so did i just make zou read from the top again? hahahah i sure hope so

thatäs it for now, laters!

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Not very encouraging news

I received a farewell card the other day from Acton, Canberra. It was very sweet but then i came across this sentence ” Good luck in Switzerland! ” I double checked the name and address to make sure it was mine.

Yesterday i met up with some old buddy. The conversation went something like this:

J: eh where you’re headed?
Me: Scotland
J: oh.. Scotland.. UK.. cool…
Me: yeap
J: have fun in Switzerland
Me: wtf?

My flight is 00:55 on 24th September, and i have told that many times to people. Yet almost everyone, including my entire family, thought i was leaving on Monday night.

It would be an incredibly sad case if my friends were to drive to the airport on monday night thinking to send me off and then address all my parcels to Switzerland.. Bah. Maybe next they’ll forget how i look like….

Cya people!

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Time won’t let me go

A song by The Bravery. I almost never post lyrics, but i’m a hypocrite.

Whenever I look back
On the best days of my life
I think I saw them all on T.V.
I am so homesick now for
Someone that I never knew
I am so homesick now for
Someplace I will never be
I never had a ‘Summer of 69’
Never had a Cherry Valance of my own
All these precious moments
You promised me would come in time
So where was I when I missed mine?

Time won’t let me go
Time won’t let me go
If you gave me back those years
I’d do it all better I swear
If I could do it all again
I’d go back and change everything
Time won’t let me go

Think about it.

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Hari Raya is around the corner..

so, careful guys, we all know who is working overtime yeah… to get the extra duit raya.


hope to get some ayam percik before i go

I’ve joined the ranks with huge wide lcd monitors. 22″ widescreen is. really. amazing.

I’m really tired! really need a week just to sleep.

More later

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Fishing was good. We fished through the night and caught alot of different fish – including the biggest, hugest, most monstrous patin i’ve ever seen, had a fish each for breakfast, and brought back a jelawat and a pak su kong for dinner and many telapias for our respective moms. In the morning when the sun rose and the mist cleared and everything was bright after the gloom of the misty dark (couldn’t see the lake at all) and all the fish woke up me chee seong and hong walked over to an area bubbling with um, bubbles and chee seong the ultimate telapia catcher was reeling in his rod almost every minute! There was also no one else the whole time we were there so we had the whole place to ourselves.


Too bad there will be no more fishing in the near future. I SHALL FISH IN GLASGOW.

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I do have alot of things to say, alot of thoughts and feelings i wish to expel from this plugged up murky hole that is my mind.. but i’m immersing myself in my work and play and preparations and refusing to log in.

I guess i could find the time to blog, like how i am finding time now, but i’d rather not, because writing will force me to think about things i’d rather not think just yet.

I know alot of you are STILL waiting for lesson 2 which, apparently, is the only thing people ask me about regarding this blog. sweat. So now i know my thoughts and other posts are not as important as a certain smelly little cockroach. As Tristyn says, he is my britney spears. Quote paraphrased because this is a family-friendly blog. whahahaha

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