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I really hate to tell you this, because i thought you had the rationality and the maturity to understand that things are changed and i thought (mistakenly) that we are both adults that are capable of keeping our emotions and actions in control, but we’ve broken up for almost half a year, and you are still acting the childish and immature control freak you always were. You are like the cockroach that comes out to irritate people but disappear when a slipper is aimed and poised to strike, you are like the flies that annoy the hell out of diners and run away as soon as someone produces a fly swatter, but get this: you will never get a piece of that food.

Please, get a grip on things. Better still, get a psychiatrist. Because your words aren’t in sync and your messages contradict each other and you sound like a hopped-up junkie with OCD….

That’s all for now, hehe..  Everybody, please don’t take this post seriously. It’s not meant for anyone i know (or used to, in case you were wondering), it’s just a fun exercise i’m doing for the sake of…. showing the way.. hahahaahaha.. please indulge me. In case anyone is wondering, it definitely could have been better; this was just the roughest draft written in about 7 minutes……*hint

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Notice #1284

Guys, there won’t be any updates for the next few days…. the terrible waiting has finally come to an end and now there’s flurries of activities all over.. so there’s gonna be

1) a dearth of readable, worthwhile posts
2) a dearth of readable, worthwhile posts and a lot of pointless filler posts

i’d rather not waste everyone’s time with filler posts, so do check back in a couple of days.

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Bitter boy

There’s something so melancholically bittersweet about putting your past – good or otherwise – behind you and starting all over again that it demands a whole night of emoness.

The events of this holidays have severely embittered me.. I understand every year’s got to have its highs and lows, for i do not deny that there have been pleasant and positive experiences this year – but do the lows and the negatives, really have to be that –  stark?

gawd i hate the little tricks that fate plays on me.

end of whiney post in case people complains of no more lessons and too many whines

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Partial List

Things to do before leaving

1. fishing in Kundang
2. wall climbing in Shah Alam
3. camping in janda baik
4. badminton in.. anywhere
5. basketball in.. anywhere
6. capoeira in.. anywhere
7. last roda in bangsar
8. more senseless jamming
9. more rock karaoke
10. sungai buloh 3d + report
11. giving business ethics, marketing and law tuition
12. watching japanese movies during the japanese film festival thingy
13. driving somewhere far away
14. shopping
15. jogging
16. seafood at somewhere near the sea (k. sgor, klang, whereever..)
17. teasing someone about her height (reminder: everyday)
18. medical and dental checkup
19. passport, visa, accomodation
20. cook for my friends
21. continue learning the drums and guitar
22. less mamak
23. spend more time with family
24. spend more time with gf
25. spend more time with friends
26. pay my police summons
27. coming soon

notice that boozing is not in the list.

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Rain fell
creating puddles on the ground
i held out an umbrella, and i opened the door
surprised you with flowers i bought.

Rain is falling 
i am reminded of how simple things are
here, gazing into your eyes
the ways i love you.

Rain still falls
faintly; a lullaby for the night
lost in dreamless sleep
sighing in contentment.

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Just wanted to say.. i am now well enough to play badminton!
Next milestone: being well enough to play basketball.

I’ll get to writing lesson 2 eventually.

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