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Last saturday I went for my 1st class in 6 weeks. 30 minutes into training i started second-guessing my decision to attend that day because i couldn’t even run properly yet. Argh. Terry said i’d have to work very hard on my thighs and calves wrists and so on to protect my joints from further jointy injuries. Argh. Most of the old guard like Mo Qing and Amirah are gone, and Adrian is still in Kuantan, so i felt rather alone in a class full of younger newcomers. Also, it has been kind of assimilated into Living Arts, so it’s administrated slightly differently nowadays. I’m not sure i’m into all these changes, but..

I slept the entire weekend after that. Almost literally. I slept from saturday evening until saturday night, woke up for dinner, went back to sleep a little after midnight until sunday evening. I’m amazed at myself.

Wednesday night we went to see? hear? a piano recital somewhere near Subang. The soprano was Emi Mori and was accompanied by the pianist Prof. Yamamoto. Things went well until a particularly high series of squeaky notes that went soomething like “oooohh uaaa ah! ah! ah! ah! ah!” during a german song. Joshua almost snickered and successfully contained it. A lady sitting in front turned and frowned at him. He looked ahead with a (nearly) straight face. The soprano “ah!”ed again. Joshua almost laughed out loud. A (very) audible snicker escaped his lips and heads swiveled around to zoom in on him. The lady turned around and frowned again and put a finger to her lips. Joshua almost burst into laughter at that moment and the rest of us were trying to simultaneously listen to the recital, pretend we didn’t know him, and praying hard for Joshua to stop because if it went on the addictive giggles would get to all of us. We didn’t think it was a good idea for the entire audience to break down laughing. Joshua’s mom was pointing at him and smiling. The pianist stared at him (us) over his glasses through narrowed eyes. Joshua finally gave up and left the room. Disaster averted, but the recital didn’t seem the same after that.

P.S. Joshua later explained that each of the soprano’s squeaky notes was ticklish and felt like someone was tickling him in the ribs.

I feel kinda stupid writing all this, so this is it for now.


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Salsa Havana

I recounted a conversation i had with Carrie the last time she was in KL. She had a new interest in salsa and had taken to hanging out in places like the Westin and the Federal and Changkat Bukit Bintang (which she calls Bukit Changkit and says there’s no difference)

C: It’s really fun you know. you should try.
M: Yeah, um. ok. Hey, Havana, that’s in Cuba, right?
C: No, Havana is in the Federal, and Qba is in Westin..
M: ?? Yeah i know, i’m talking about the real Havana, it’s in Cuba, isn’t it?
C: Huh? No, Havana is not in Qba, Havana is in Federal! Qba is in Westin.
M: ?? No, the REAL Havana!
C: Real? There’s only 2, Salsa Havana in Federal and Little Havana in Changkat.
M: Yes i know, i’m talking about Havana! the city Havana! you get it?
C: Yeah, Havana in the city, only those 2 wut……
M: …………………………………….. Have you heard of Havana Cigars?
C: yup
M: Where are they from?
C: Havana?
M: ………
C: Don’t mumble so much!
M: Ya put the blame on me.

For the record, i didnt mumble because she heard me perfectly and answered me as well!

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Apparently the plan is not working well because it’s 3am and i’m still awake.

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I am dead these days; days pass by in a reversed world, a world where i crawl from my bed at sunset and watch as another day slides by in total waste. I am cut off from reality. I exist in my own cocoon fashioned out of apathy and denial, and the world is something distant, like articles you read on the paper and the things you hear on radio. It’s everywhere but it’s nowhere. It doesn’t affect me personally- nothing does because in my cocoon, i am the absolute authority.

ehem, was.

7am this morning and i was still wide awake in bed so i told myself – this has got to stop, so i hopped out and did some exercises and went out and now 10:30pm, i’m still awake, holding out till maybe 1-ish and i’ll go to bed and revert to normal IN AN INSTANT.

We’ll find out whether that works tomorrow.

Mr Lim is uberhappy that his precious site is now garnering huge amounts of publicity and is going to be preserved. He is so happy that his happiness is infectious and makes me happy as well. Though me being happy is mainly to do with the fact that the cheque is coming next week and i’m in charge of distributing it. muahaha

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Sinister Sandman

Something’s wrong, shut the light
Heavy thoughts tonight
and they aren’t of snow white

Tried to sleep for the past hour, almost 3 hours earlier then my usual bedtime (it’s time to slowly return to normal) and was interrupted periodically. So i got up and researched on hypnogogia, sleep paralysis, lucid dreams, nightmares, and night terrors, the reasons behind me not being able to sleep (for the past 3 years). By research i mean googling it and reading wikipedia entries, which we all agree are not reliable. They’ve turned up some interesting leads such as “Exploding Head Syndrome” and “Restless Legs Syndrome” whose names are rather.. graphic. Anyway.

Most cultures (i know mine does!) have an.. explanation for these… visitors… in the night. Science, apparently, has a whole other, attractively plausible, entirely possible explanation.

So… is it a… pathological sleep disorder…… or… something more sinister??

I’m going to bed (again) now to find out. Sudden inspiration of Metallica’s Enter Sandman as the title may not be the brightest move, but now i cant get that bloody song out of my head (another brain-related syndrome thingy i found out while studying for IELTS)

Never mind the noise you heard
It’s just the beast under your bed
In your closet in your head

Not the best choice of songs to think about. brrr.

Sleep with one eye open
Gripping your pillow tight
Exit Light
Enter Night

ahhh i better go

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Suicidal Snoopy

3 years ago i was driving with Adrian was sitting next to me and we were in a suburban neighbrhood, near a primary school when this kid on a bike just appeared out of nowhere and zoomed across the road right in front of me. Both me and the car next to me were going at about 60kmph and the car on my left jam braked and swerved wildly to his right to avoid him, and i swerved wildly to my right to avoid both the car and the crazy kid. I would have hit (or rather, would have got hit) by both the car and the kid if not for the.. um.. horizontally challenged front of my car. As it was, the car’s bumper was about inches from my own, and the kid’s bike’s rear wheel was so near to my front bumper, the draft created by my car caused him to wobble a little alot before he found his balance and sped off, leaving behind a trafifc jam, 2 hyperventilating drivers and a passenger, and lots of curses.

I was thinking of this incident when a suicidal dog did almost the exact same thing during the last week at sg. buloh. It was almost 4am when me, Ash and Ajun went out for a drink. As we passed by some houses at the back a dog just jumped out and almost got flattened by my bumper without even a bark for a warning. I swerved, but it wasnt enough as the dopehead dog still continued comin and i had to brake to a stop. Even then the dog tried to get under my tyres, i kid you not. Well, that’s fine, i guess dogs, just like angsty teenagers might get suicidal sometimes (not enough things to hump?), but the next day the dog tried again. Twice!! Once was when i was leaving for dinner the next day and again when Charlie & the others went out for drink. Whatever he’s having for doggy meals, i think it should stop.

My lifestyle has taken a turn for the worse. Now i’ve started to sleep as late as 1pm and wake up around 10pm sometimes. When i have um, more “normal” obligations during the day i’ll have to sleep at night, so it has created some peculiar problems where everytime i go to bed my body is confused as to whether it’s a nap or it’s deep sleep. The only good thing that has come out of this is that i can command my body to sleep at any time or to be awake at any time. It’s all psychological.

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all that architecture talk of no words, only drawings has made me incapable of thinking in words. i have a mountain to express but can not even produce a molehill.

damn! its either i have a block or i’m too lazy to think.

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