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After an afternoon spent essentially stringing together incoherent phrases and dozing off in the global warmed heat………… i stopped and went to play basketball. 90 minutes later, sweating, breathless and sitting on the ground like i used to did almost 5 years back now and staring at the cloudless sky while work piled up, suddenly i found what i was looking for.

Recently i’ve been toying with the intricacies of time management, especially in relation to architecture – Lately, the whole class has been residing in a self-indulgent, all-encompassing excuse ” i have no time!” that caters to every possible situation under the earth. Yet, after one classmate told me that exact 4 words, he went off to enjoy a buffet dinner at Renaissance Hotel and watched Mr Bean the next day. True, last semester was so bad, everyone was overdrawn and overextended, but i’d like to think that most intelligent lifeforms of the class has learnt from the lesson. Maybe it’s just me, but i suddenly find i have some time now – definitely not enough to produce excellent work in all subjects (not that i think anyone in the world has that kind of dedication), but definitely more room to breathe. This realisation got me wondering: have i finally suceeded in simplifying my life, or i am just getting more efficient? (efficiency being one of my main resolutions for the new year)

Now when Mr Alvin, Pn Nor and Mr Chan says “what? you have no time? but you’re just students!” and i have an inkling of what they mean, almost but not quite – tantalizingly out of my grasp. Suddenly, i get hours of sleep every night – that by itself is almost incredible. Yet i have not reduced my other activities – in fact, i’ve actually managed to attend all training (which was the surest indicator of free time, because it involves getting enough rest), and do a whole lot of other stuff as well – surprises. Either i’m doing something very wrong, or i’m doing something very right. Or is there a difference?

Haha, i’ll have to continue this some other time. I only thought about it this far and i’d rather go back to studio now. I was mercilessly slaughtered by some dude from Robert Gordon University today in presentation and was saved by Mr Alvin. I’d never expected that. Maybe i have so much time because i’m lazy. Hmm.

Basketball owns. 


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I haven’t been writing.

That’s pretty obvious, going by the state of this blog. Aside from those random filler posts that i update just to give this blog a semblance of life and activity, i haven’t been writing any proper posts. I haven’t even been writing anything. Heck, i haven’t even been thinking about writing.

So here i am, my mind going through the possible reasons, valid excuses to justify my earlier statements. I don’t like to say i am too busy to everyone i meet; it is so shamelessly self-indulgent and self pitiful, and self… something. The word escapes me, i’m not in a very.. literary mood.. hah

YOU know what i can’t think of anything to write.

ANyways last night we surprised Malcolm for his 23rd birthday on the rooftop of living arts studio. He thought we were drug addicts and he wanted to play hero protecting Theresa and Yike with his mad sk|llz. In the end we forced him over the exercise ball and bashed him up with severely disturbingly sado masochistic connotations. Hmmm

Terry proceeded to bash him up further by owning him in the birthday roda. And then he started “losing himself” and became a hyperactive dancing nut.

Malcolm could have got the last laugh today during training if he wished, but he didnt, ah so noble.

I’m joining Yoga next week!



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Malcolm is a hyperactive nut.

More on this soon!

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back from singapore
my dirty clothes lies unwashed
on my neat bed.

haha i am trying to write some poems for design studio, which is as weird a submission as you’ve ever saw one. Architectural poetry??? yeah i am back from singapore which was a very short if interesting trip. Also very tiring, especially when you come back very drunk at 5am and need to get packed and ready at 9am to sit on the bus for the whole stinking day. does funny things to your stomach and your head. screw MOS, let’s all go power station!!@….. i mean, for a case study on adaptive re-use & heritage preservation. gosh i’m turning into such a geek.

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The Format’s 1000 umbrellas suddenly started playing on my media player and i was immediately thinking about last semester. I went through an indie-music phase while doing working drawings last semester, so i collected huge amounts of indie tracks and played them one by one while drawing.

Anyway, though i stayed up all night studying structures in Kimchi’s house (inviting Tristyn’s wrath) i went to watch 300 because what the hell how can u resist a movie about blood gore and fighting just because you didnt have enough sleep? haha.  Despite some (miniscule) flaws the movie just smacked of ownage. I didn’t see Sin City (getting there) or others, so it was my first time seeing such a graphically stylized movie, but it was rather cool, given the fact that (i read somewhere) artists, directors, renderers etc sometimes have to suspend reality for that certain theatrical artistic effect. ahh.

Also, from a geeky point of view i think more movies like this would be good. I know an 8 feet tall Xerxes, giant rhinos, 10-feet tall giants and mutant elephants (oops spoilers) hardly lend credence to the tale, but i was surprised at how many of my peers thought it was a myth. Bah. And Leonidas wanted you to remember them. Though i should probably point out the actual battle did not have any funny creatures and the Spartans had like few thousand peeps. Also ahh it was cool cos they pointed out Spartans are like warrior people without any sort of culture.

I think the dialogue in the movie could have been improved though.

Jumping to another topic, i’ve noticed an unhealthy pattern where not a week goes by without at least a night without sleep. Sometimes it’s 2. or 3. But at least you get like 8 hours somewhere in between. Worst are those weeks where everyday is like 2 hours sleep and you’re chronically lapsing into bouts of coma.

I’ll be off to Singapore from thursday midnight to sunday evening!!  Though dreams of hanging out with Bantus Capoeira Singapore has been dashed cos i won’t be free sobs.

I wish i could write more, especially about 300 but break time’s up.

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Sigh…. the things i get up to in the name of research and fieldwork.

The first few semesters, many of them.. one of the very first visits was all the way to Putrajaya’s J.W Mariott hotel; Nicholas took pictures of materials while me and Cliff posed as tourists; finding unlikely help from the front desk (ex-Taylor’s students!) A new extension to a Church along Jalan Imbi.. and of course, the Context of Architecture site visits- to the Islamic Museum of Art, the Lake Gardens, Petaling Street and Jalan TAR, BB Area, National Art Gallery, National Museum, the Twin Towers, Kl Central, Bukit Jalil Stadiums… whoa.. and.. more trips and visits that deserve posts of their own.. Malacca.. (twice!), Morib.. etc etc..

So last year, back in Semester 4 i thought it was pretty interesting, me wandering around Jalan Ipoh and discovering, of all things, a whole squatter village (with chickens) right in the busiest heart of KL.., also, visiting a bungalow with ongoing renovations by the wife?/partner of my previous “employer” periodically, ( getting to know a horny old indonesian laborer in the process), and a shitty (literally, kekeke) site visit somewhere in Putrajaya which i skipped to play dota, and the park where i used to go at night to .. do random things.. suddenly becoming the site of my studio 2 project.

And then studio 3, going to an unbuilt lot in Tropicana.. getting lost, trying to get peeks of the hot neighbor – (of similiar age!) and then getting busted by her father , measuring the stupid slope, wrecking pandemonium in the golf course behind the lot- and also Jalan Bukit Bintang – early trips becoming shopping trips – late trips becoming  mad dashes on the federal highway, mad dashing across roads during rains (Boris slipping right in the middle of the road at the jalan alor intersection is a classic) – trying to take pictures of hookers and getting roughly discouraged – lots of eating at Jalan Alor, and other dumb stuff, too many to remember……

This year takes the cake, and the icing and the candles as well, seems like i’ve been to most of KL twice, thrice, 20 times; i must have run up a small fortune in petrol costs incurred. Integrated Project – Majestic Hotel – hmm… what can i say? sneaking into private property and almost getting caught.. zzz… Klang River… following the river along 4 different stretches (in Klang, the city center, and then the Kayu Ara and Penchala tributaries) was kinda interesting.. and of course, Chow Kit….. the infamous red light district of our beloved city..

doh, the escapades of this semester demands a whole post on its own.. and i want to sleep… haha…so, till then…. hopefully tomorrow..  oh this is such a rambling post.. all the dots and ….. Well, it wasn’t planned, i just felt i had to say something, and this is what came up. Later~

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Daily Life

I’m back.

Ok so i was never really gone, but at least now i at least can kick back, get a beer or three, and cool the brain a little. After the initial waves of post-break submissions ended on thursday evening (next week- start of a new wave) i spent friday, saturday, and today getting much needed soul therapy – the clack of mahjong tiles and the rustle of money bills won- even lost -are a very satisfying activity… especially as CNY 2007 draws to a close. Terry said some stuff about going to lakes and stuff, to pick up oranges and see what fun is there to be found, but i gave that up for a last chance to slam ’em mahjong tiles down and yell “sek!!!”.

After the relatively quirky and random end to 2006 and beginning to 2007 life has settled into more or less a normal, mundane routine, and i am slowly easing into the daily rituals, much like familiarizing to a certain rhythm till it infuses you slowly, bit by bit, until you are lost in it, dancing to its beat. Weekdays are drowsy and blurry, either wading through the thick trails of traffic in the morning for lectures or under the hot noon sun for afternoon studio tutorials. Projects, there are always more work to be done, and always less and less time to finish it. Again our faces are developing that perpetually frowning eyebrows, that worried cast to our faces, and the harried stressed look. (developing only, i’m not looking so sickly yet) Yet time (or the lack of it) has become second nature to me, something which i face, accept and put away without so much a n extra thought for it, for that is the way it is, and there is no other.

Breaks in these monotony are few and far apart, and eagerly waited for. They come in varied forms, sometimes hidden in guises. Capoeira classes are one such form, though more often than not i’m too tired to attend, or withstand the pace set. Last night I went for my first public roda in two months, and while i am not sure how well i am expected to perform, me still being a relative noob, i didnt live up to my own expectations, bah…………….after two weeks of no training my thighs send jolts of pain up my body whenever i move.. zzz, and my dreams of doing a Macacu (spelling??) in the very near future seems to be thwarted.. other breaks also come in badminton and futsal, screwdrivers and graveyards, movies – Protege was extremely good and Ghost Rider was extremely bad except for Nicholas Cage – etc…………

So there is mostly a sum-up of my life the past two months, as i head towards graduation. It is a funny feeling, a feeling of ending and beginning, of elation mixed with bittersweet nostalgia. University applications are causing me no end of headaches, though from preliminary observations i might be heading to Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland…. (no Australia! No! No! No!) As the months go by, updates’ll come fewer and further apart, due to the fact i am barely online these days – except when sending and receiving files to and from classmates, or doing the back-breaking, never-ending research, so though i do have alot to say, there might come a little later then expected (yeah, like WHAT ELSE is new). Procrastination over here is something i’ll never change kekekekeke Bye

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