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huh boy i am choked with work. Site analyses for both the Majestic Hotel in KL and Chow Kit. Hmmm. will be back after friday. cheers!

Flora is teh gr3 driver who drives on the RIGHT side of the lane! in MALAYSIA. Gosh.


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It’s 6am.

Someone talk to me please!!!!  Since i have not been downloading songs for a looong time i’ve been reduced to listening to Postal Service over and over and over again since 3am.  Two short entries in about 8 hours. Well there’s rather alot of stuff i want to write about but unfortunately i don’t have the patience. haha. And i’m kinda late for my uni applications………need to do portfolio need to do portfolio….
I think as soon as the sun rises i’ll go jogging, then come back and nap till yinyin comes over to take those huge-assed corrugated boards that’s taking up all the space in my car.

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Omg the feeling of stress and having too much work and not enough time is so familiar, it’s scary.

I blame the distraction of movies and poker cards, and the luxury of more-than-enough sleep.
I need stress management classes.

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Mesh potatoes

I saw a menu today that said rack of lamb with mesh potatoes.

Hmm.. i’d imagine it’d be rather difficult to eat mesh potatoes. I wouldn’t try that.

I’m back in KL! and up to my bloody eyes in work because i couldn’t be bothered to do any when i was not. All i did was to gamble, eat, eat, eat and watch tv, something which i almost never do, and then gamble again. Blackjack Baccarat InBetween and whatever else. I don’t have a good poker face though. yet. Sad to say i am still losing too much and not winning enough. Not when certain people (ahem) get 8 nines in a row while playing baccarat.

Actually wrote something last night that was decidedly emo but i screwed the ending paragraph up because i wanted to sleep and was randomly typing random words. Well chances of it seeing daylight now are rather slim as i probably will never get to changing the last paragraph, knowing my reputable commitment and dedication to the fanciful rambles that i write. I might just surprise you though.

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Happy Wishes

Brr block is still there. Or maybe it’s just something tangible like not having enough time or stuff. So nothing much these few days.

It’s the time of the year, i’ve gotta get back to my hometown in Pahang today. This year, i can’t wait to go back, i need to get away from KL. Maybe then i can finally think clearly.
I’ll be back on the fourth day of CNY, which is sometime next week. I keep on forgetting which day is it and have to count (sunday – 1st, etc etc), about 2047104 times a day, so for this time you shall do the counting.

Happy Chinese New Year, and gamble till your ears droop and your nose bleeds!

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Ahhhhh…. i don’t know.

i am having another damn block recently, can’t seem to write anything worth writing even after minuts and hours crawl by as i stare at the “create post” page of wordpress, when i should be doing studio work, but my arms and thighs aches like bloody hell and i can’t be assed to look for a tiny flyspeck of a land on Google Earth and using the goddamn irritating pen tool in photoshop and that dumb sun path diagram, worse; when i have to go to the sites, any site, i’ve got lots of them this semester –  jaunting around KL walking and analysing under the bloody psychotic sun was pretty new, different and all that back in semester 1, but now i’d pick a lecture in a lecture hall any day over a sticky, stinking body, a shirt wet with sweat, a stupidly uneven tan and crazy petrol and parking costs which i can’t claim from the bloody college.  And that sun, that bloody, stupid, psychotic Malaysian sun.. it’d be most welcome on a beach, any day, (yeah but it had to be nonexistent the three whole freaking days i was in tioman last year) but no please, not when i’m trying to read a badly-photostated map with smudges all over but the sunlight screws everything up and the heat makes me sticky like hell and irritable and prickly argh i want, i need a highball.. any type, a scotch and soda would be good, yeah i know the term highball has probably not been used for decades but sue me, i’m a outdated geek.. gahh.

I should be doing more introspecting, retrospecting, reading, thinking and all those geeky things i demand of msyelf, but i am spending my days with my vision narrowed down to a thin, thin viewing hole in the ground, like the proverbial frog who can’t see the bloody sky because it’s blindfolded or something, a intentional whittling down of peripheral and bird’s eye vision, lalala.. this false pretense has really got me rolling, niggling thoughts at the back of my mind try to remind me, but i ignore them and continue rolling, rolling, rolling through sterile suburban and urban social activities like a snowball down a mountain, growing in size and momentum, growing, growing and growing, wow look now it’s a huge motherfucker of a snowball and it’s damn bloody fast, and no, i don’t know what i am writing anymore, whoops look out!, the snowball,  it’s almost at the foot of the mountain now WHAM BAM !()#$7!#!*&#`1one!1one.

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Friendships for sale

I was trying to write about some of the things that happened last week, but i couldn’t concentrate. For all i try to keep my mind on the topic it strays and goes back to what’s bugging me. Well, what’s bugging me?  I heard something earlier at Nicholas’ party that was rather intriguing and kinda fit my mood well. Yeah… the next few weeks will see many friendships up for sale.
In case i get all my possessions sued off, the source of that comment was Tristyn and i have no idea where she got it from~

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