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There hasn’t been any updates, because streamyx refuses to let me connect. Even now i am in yin yin’s house researching on community centers. At least that’s what i think i’m supposed to do.

Also, if streamyx continues to Not let me connect, i don’t think i can update much.

 I said earlier that everyone’s spending money on their 21st’s. Last night was Yao Dong’s turn and after discovering that his expensive, classier-then-most caterer did not provide any alcohol, we ransacked his father’s wine cabinet and made off with huge amounts of shiraz, merlot and ice wine.

 Anyway time is running out. i have to go back to research bye


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Short, tiny, update

Research for my paper on the value of heritage has led me to some interesting trails. Not that i did much research. I seem to have lost the will for things like that.

It seems that the months of self-inflicted apathy – i stopped following local news for quite some time – were blissful in its ignorance, but as i revisit certain sites, i can’t help to sigh and shake my head.

When will it all end?

I’m not sure if i want to continue reading, but not reading seems to spit in the face of these people working hard to bring awareness to the general public. I guess, the least i can do is read and keep myself informed.

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As predicted, with the new term comes the new year, and with the new year comes the re-emergence of life injected into the soulless zombie of the old. All of a sudden everything happened in a flurry of events, and everywhere things to do appear like starving sharks in the presence of blood. A weird analogy, i know, but life shouldn’t be normal. Things start to move at a frenzied pace again, seemingly catching up for lost time, but this time i am prepared and i choose my actions carefully and wisely, not intending to spread myself too thinly as i was the end of last year.

To stop sounding so dramatic, here’s most of the (boring) stuff i’m preoccupied with. I’ve become incredibly fussy and picky over the smallest details, so there’s billions of pictures from the holidays and writings i have yet to go through. Capoeira hiatus is over and after the first few backaching sessions i’m raring to pick up where i left off. King Shung is joining soon, all the better. Badminton, and basketball. And Quek says i have to do something about my legs, bummer. Classes have started and with it come all the tough assignments, and a whole new bunch of disillusionments. All the january (and february) babies are celebrating their 21st birthdays in style. There’s movies to watch and friends to see and pool to play and tea and alcohol to drink. Where got enough time one?!

Today i went to Sungkai near Slim River, in Perak for a dip in the hot springs. I really thought with incredible naviete (holidays have softened my brains) that i was just going for a dip, so i had a 3/4 full tank of petrol and not much cash on me, still being very dry after all that sneakers and Hong Kong. Of course, what happened was after a rather interesting meeting with a huge convoy of superbikers, a bunch of hot spring boiled eggs, some really hot and soothing hot spring dipping it was still only a couple of hours after noon, so we sidetracked to Ipoh. We did the only thing to do in Ipoh, that is to eat, so we ate alot. A couple of hours in Ipoh isn’t enough to eat everything, so we brought more stuff back to eat. I’ve only been to Ipoh once, yet i could already smell Ipoh’s white coffee and i managed to make my way to the coffeeshop nearby the Kinta river without even a single wrong turn! Hah. Talk about a keen sense of direction. or smell. Um.

And, it’s frickin irritating to have to watch my speed and have endless debates with myself ” i think i can go over 110 here, there’s probably no cameras, um, just a little, then i’ll drop back, woops it’s already 150 heheh well nevermind hey what’s that flashing blue lights SHIT slow down slow down slow down i hope he didn’t notice…..” Fear of summons is overwhelming me though, i am broke enough already as it is.

zzzz I’m off to boil the leftover eggs and drown my worries in high cholestrol.

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So sad

So sad, so sad…..

What is all this wheeling and dealing?
What is all this calculating and conspiring?
What is all this machiavellian politics?
What is all this selfishness and cynicism?
What is all this backstabbing and backbiting?
What is all this ignoring what you do not want to see?

it shouldn’t be like that.

This is as far as the post goes. I don’t want to talk more about it..

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So this is the new year…

Everyone says my frustation is misdirected and “it’s not your bungalow”

grr nobody understands me.

Anyways, much as i like to avoid it, the new year is upon us, sob. We should all listen to Snow Patrol. Even the “but i follow the chinese lunar calendarrrrrrrrr” doesn’t work because CNY is right around the corner. I’ve put off acknowledging it until the semester starts, but it starts tomorrow- i’m taking the subjects Design Studio 4, Environmental Science, Structures and Integrated Project which ALL sounds boring. Anyways,

in 2007, i shall

1. get a domain
2. get a proper website
3. get a diving license
4. get a SLR camera
5. get into university
6. get all the projects that i started prior to this post done.
7. get INto the roda
8. get off my bum

simple resolutions!!

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I saw a advertisement today that really pissed me off. Written on it was a notice saying “Super semi-dee! 6057 sq ft!! As big as a bungalow!!” No doubt any property with 6000+ sq ft of space is certainly as big or bigger then many so-called bungalows these days, but get this: a bungalow is….

a small house with a single story

If you do not believe Princeton, try http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bungalow

So what gives? A bungalow is supposed to be small, detached and single-storyed. Ok so these days a bungalow are huge and associated with prestige and luxury and blah, and the “small” part of the bungalow definition has been lost. It’s okay, that’s probably cause it’s detached from everything else, which is uncommon in cities and suburbs. That’s the main selling point. Not the huge space. Who wants a big house? i hate big houses. Big houses are dumb. Big houses are stupid unless you have enough occupants to fill it up. What freaking use does a family of 6 have for a house big enough to fit 60? cultivate ghosts? Why don’t you, to just cite a plain example, to make it big enough to fit 10 or even 12 if you must strut your insecurities, and utilize the rest of the space more efficiently? Heck unless you are plannning to open a hotel.

Bungalows are worth buying only because they are detached. Being detached is a luxury. In a climate as bloody hot as ours the detachment makes the whole house (if correctly built) airy and cool, unless of course your architect forgot to put in windows. Or you happen to be situated alongside Petaling Street so you have to keep them closed anyway. Which then makes you a dumbass for choosing such a location. Just knowing that the word bungalow originated from India which is another freaking hot country should give you a hint.

Yet there’s one thing i can never understand about current bungalow owners in KL or it’s suburbs.

WHAT is the freaking point of splashing out so much money for a plot of detached land only to build up to its MAXIMUM setbacks and barely leaving space for a drain, of all things? Or, something which is even better, leaving an inch strip of garden that serves no apparent purpose except to… um. Ok there is no apparent purpose at all. Unless you count the charitable deed of creating another post for a gardener because you wouldn’t be arsed to tend to that inch yourself. Spreading the wealth, what? If you are able to afford a bungalow you should be able to calculate the amount of money you can save if you just buy a really huge terrace house, or even 2 or 3 and bang down the walls or something if you are really kiasu.

Come on, a swimming pool, a bbq area, a verandah, a chilling spot, more carparks for your Rolls-Royces and Benz(es), a huge garden for your kids to run around in (as opposed to running around inside the house and knocking over a zillion things), trees and flowers, anything has got to be better then a bunch of useless dust and mold collecting rooms.


I know that there are more that i can use to vent my frustation but i’m too lazy to think plus my back aches from capoeira and if i rant more i’m gonna burst a blood vessel. I’m too lazy to check for errors or mistakes so you are welcome to check for me. haha. If you think my frustration is misplaced or misdirected feel free to redirect me. Or if you have no idea what i am talking about then just ignore everything and go on with your life. 

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Morning call

I spent many pre- and now the post-Hong Kong days in a state of terminal vegetation, sleeping and waking up to eat and watch Hong Kong movies in a bored attempt to spot the places i’ve been and streets i walked (Lockhart road!), and then sleeping again and then waking up to while away the hours doing nothing at Bombay’s or Maju slapping mosquitoes and wondering briefly about dengues and my chances of contracting the fever. Ivan is an idyllic hynoptist; breezing through days and coasting through life, making you feel that nothing is more important than sleeping, mahjong and tea, and that a job is certainly unnecessary. I am a urban zombie, a lifeless and soulless parasitic vampire up at sunset and to waste the night away in deserted highways and lonely tea spots, and head to bed as my mom wakes up.

An old, forgotten friend invited me out, and the bubble burst immediately, like the pop! of the suction pump the lingering effects of Ivan’s spell and the blissful limbo of the recent days are sucked into oblivion and a chime went off in my head. I’m going to turn 21 this year for goodness sake and i am spending the first days of my 21st year caught in a web of endless denial.

Next monday signals the start of the 6th and final semester of my diploma, a focal point of our lives. I am not a top student or any innovative entrepreneur (i blame my genes), but i am as stubborn as a mule and my dreams and ambitions whisper to me, dreams long whisked away and locked in the closet of memories, hopes and aspirations from the hazy days of youth.

I have been sleeping, and now i am (partly) awake. Um, i hope i don’t go back to sleep.

haha that’s all for tonight.

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