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Simplify, simplify. I’ve been adopting Thoreau’s maxim for a few months now, but it isn’t working. For starters i don’t seem to be simplifying anything other then my wallet (less banknotes = simplified), in which case i would have perfected it as there’s perpetually nothing in it. There’s so many things to handle; so many errands to run, so many matters to delve on, what? there’s only 24 hours in a day? I used to think 24 hours was unimaginably, incredibly freaking long, then again, i used to think the government (any government, actually) was just, fair and implacable enemies of everything evil and shady.

Of course, life regularly takes what you think, put it in a blender and churn it out as some stinky concoction, and then stuff it down ur throat. I have since learnt, 24 hours is too much or too little, depending entirely on your choice of lifestyle. Only, Scott Adams argues there is no free will, (or at least disproves its existence) and we are all moist robots.

I digress; if i’m a moist robot, i’m a freaking busy one. Previously college took up <u>ALL</u> of my time, causing a huge backlog of a hundred and one tiny errands to run till i’m all up to my eyebrows in unresolved matters. I’ve been using my sister’s laptop’s mouse for months, because i dissected my other mouse because it wasn’t working. My computer has been infected with at least twenty viruses and all the USB ports aren’t working (except the one with the mouse) and i have not took it to the shop yet, because i have no time. It seems that my time is perpetually preoccupied. There’s always something important to do for today, and before half the things to do today is done, tomorrow has been booked solid as well. I’ve tried taking one day at a time, but what happened was that only the urgent matters got done. I’ve tried not sleeping, and i ended up cranky and irritable, and too tired to do half the things i have to get done.

But that’s just me, the one with the chronic management problem, i can be the regional ambassador for the hofstadter guy who says everything takes longer then expected. It’s almost a week since semester ended, i have yet the time to sleep in, bum around the house, go for hours-long tea breaks (like from 11pm -4am), and go comatose in front of the idiot box. Instead i have been up at an acceptable hour (like 9am), and then up and out jaunting about a million different places downtown, uptown, sideways and crossways, the suburbs, and everything else in between until an unacceptable hour, where i go home, eat my cold dinner, and try to fit in a few pages of reading before i get so sleepy i forgot what i read the instant after i read it.

I think that’s why i’m kind of looking forward to going back to good ol’ Jerantut for a week next week. Jerantut is my hometown, a town of a middling size (used to be anyway) right smack in the middle of Pahang experiencing a major growth spurt after developers came and massacred it. One of them is my dad, and while one of the things i hate most is concrete and tar replacing greenery and earth; i know that hypocritically, on two counts, i’ll be spending most of my time jaunting (again) around construction sites, sawmills, aluminium and steel factories, banks and showrooms and offices, and whatnot.

So much for the supposed utopian holidays. But damnit, everyone else is just bumming around, i really got to simplify myself and catch up on them, before the final semester comes and i get to eat, sleep, bathe, breathe (barely), endure architecture again. Whee


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The last few entries were such filler entries, i feel bored just reading them.. I’m sorry for lowering the quality of my posts. HAhaha. Anyway, i thought i’d have loads of time for updating now, but apparently not, because there’s a hell lot things to do yet for this week, so, i’m thinking there’ll be a couple more filler posts. Just keep checking back often lah, eventually there’ll be a bunch of readworthy updates/posts.


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i Got my cordao!!

i got my first cordao!!

i’ll talk about it more when i figure out how to write about it. Many many things to write about, but damn lazy lah. It was really fun though, and so was the post-batizado bbq at Marissa’s um grandparents sprawling bungalow in Hulu Langat. that was really cool. yesterday’s workshops at KLPac and last night’s public roda at sungai wang was fun too.

more coming soon! hahah.

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There’s been plenty of beautiful clouds and skies the past two weeks early in the morning (i know because i never slept). Today’s ones were a little grey and too cloudy for my liking, but that wasn’t indicative of my mood – nothing can dampen it- it is the final freaking review for design studio 3!! 14 whole weeks of back-breaking work – literally, my back feels like it’s going to break where my neck joins my shoulders – too many hours spent hunched over Photoshop, Autocad, Premiere or 3d Studio Max – it freaking aches like crazy – culminated today in a short 15-20 minute presentation per student with one a0 panel and 1 3d video! I’m not satisfied with my work – 2 more days would have done wonders to it – but no matter; it’s over, over, over…

I sacrificed so much for this, i’m starting to wonder is it all worth it. Aside from the prerequisites – sleep, proper food and hygiene- i also skipped most of my batizado workshops, something which i’ve been looking forward to for months :( :( i only went one out of the four, and the one workshop i attended made me curse everything that conspired to make the batizado week the same week my final week of the semester – It was so fun, there was so many stuff to do, makulele, rodas and lots of interesting people to meet. Damn damn damn damn!!!!

Sorry for not updating so long, and mostly disappearin off the face of the earth, both on this blog and in real life; other then my classmates and my family i don’t think i interacted much with other humans, unless you count the night-shift security guards in my college. I actually meant to tell all readers that i won’t be updating until the semester ends, but the one time i managed to grab a few minutes to login to wordpress, i was so sleepy i only managed to type a few words before falling asleep right in front of the computer. (the same night, about 4am, i left my handphone and my car keys on top of my front gate and didn’t collect it until the afternoon next day, i was that far out).

Last semester i stayed at the college for 2-3 days at a time finishing up the dumbfuck construction model, this semester i stayed in the computer lab for one and a half entire freaking week – because my home desktop is ancient and takes 3 years to render one frame (note of advice to any juniors: stuff your computer silly with RAM before it’s too late) Which brings me to; huge thanks to Sheng and Nicholas for letting me render on your computers, i think both of you quite possibly saved me from failing; and Hong for your laptop and pendrive. Because of major problems with my 3d model, i was the last (of the Computer Lab Gang) to finish; the last 12 hours i used 19 pcs (out of 24 workable computers) to render the last of my video;woo, sounds like i had a damn canggih video, but actually it’s just alot of problematic frames and nothing spectatular :D Talking about my 3d model, i really had alot of problems and bad luck with it. I wasted one whole night because one of the walls of my building was corrupted and made the software crash everytime i tried to open my file. That was just 2 days before the submission and the ultimate worst; the last workable file i had was saved more then 10 hours of solid work ago. That particular night i was so stressed out and depressed; my nerves were shot and i spent hours just sitting around in shock until a few hours later, i slowly came out of my stupor and paralyzingly slowly parsed each object till i found the corrupted object. Sigh.

Actually i don’t think many people understood the last part. Nevermind.

Learnt many many many things this semester, and worked on my faults -the biggest one being grossly inefficient and stupid; designing too slow, drawing too much, and saying nothing; and for the 3rd studio running, i’ve gotten near-exact comments but that’s for another post, becos now, i want to ssssslllsleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppppppppppp

 boa noite

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A quick note to everyone (and likely  myself as well) that I AM STILL ALIVE.

I’m going to pass.

I want to sleep

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Quick one

Hofstadter’s law

 This law sucks.

More later after the semester ends, no time now

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12 days

A bunch of months back i said studying this made me feel like i was a recluse, closeted from the happenings and the matters of “the outside world”. This close to the end (finally, and not too soon, damnit) of the semester, i feel it even more, declining all sorts of attempts to get me out of the house with a religious, misanthropic even, fervor.

But i still have that mysterious indifference with me.. i can’t seem to care too much about anything. Either that, or sudden panic attacks (usually when it’s too late). Weird lah. And decidedly dangerous/unhealthy.

Holidays will be a godsend.

Something i observed, so many books are one-dimensional, everything the characters do, think or say is based on the author’s opinion and mindset.  It’s refreshing to find some whose characters couldn’t think more differently and act more differently. It’s like the author split himself into a hundred different personalities while writing. Maybe i’ll talk more about it soon.

Of course, if more people realised this is the cause of so many problems in our society, things would be much better.

I’m so bored laaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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