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I broke my bed

Alex: I broke my bed

Alex: I broke my bed

Alex: I broke my bed

On wednesday after finishing up everything for my site analysis presentation i went to sleep at 5:30am.. 

at 7 i was woke up by my sister hammering away on my door. i was on my feet and halfway to the door before i remembered i told her to wake me up before she left. I opened the door, mumbled my thanks and promptly went back to sleep. Only, as soon as i sat down on the bed it went KABFCGSCRASH!HH!!H!! as 1 of the 6 ridges supporting my mattress broke.. without any support, my mattress sank in that particular area and i sank with it. I knew, vaguely, roughly, something had happened to my bed, but frankly i was too sleepy to care and continued to sleep, in that partially sunken state :P

 which has given rise to a conclusion of..

Alex: I broke my bed and continued to sleep

being the lazy fucker i am, i refused to do anything to it and continued to sleep in a partially sunken state until now, saturday, in which i tried to fix it and hammer replacement nails in only to realise my bed is made up of bloody tough wood and the nails won’t go in. In fact, the wood was so tough, after hammerin part of the nail in and finding out it wont go any deeper, i couldn’t even TAKE OUT the nails.

POWER DRILL here i come!!!!!


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Had my first Construction Law class yesterday. Surprisingly law as a subject is more interesting then i have imagined. Though the lecturer pretty much suck balls. and they were quite a few lame comments from some students…. baah

Conclusion: i shall spend more friday mornings sleeping in then attending the lectures. Here’s to an A anyway!

Long long day friday was, and i don’t feel so happy :( more on that later, cya

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my heart twists at the sight of such beauty

and i know.. i may never get to see it again

* busy these two days tying up various assignments, will be back with the weekend!

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I just did something mind-blowingly dumb..

Coming back from Jalan Alor where we took pictures of Nicholas in funny clothes (more on this soon), I stopped at the coffeeshop about 3 minutes’ walk from my house to buy some dinner for my siblings as my mom was out of town cos’ she went to check out some furniture that my dad bought from some chinese ok but that’s beside the point……

Anyway, i parked my car, bought the food.. and then.. proceeded to walk all the way home. It wasn’t until i practically reached my gate when alarm bells went off in my head and i went “hey, where’s my car?”

oh.. the absent-mindedness….!
off to Bangsar for Tristyn’s 20th. bye!

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I’m back to college, keeping my nose to the grindstone as the days grow into weeks.

Today, on the occasion of fats’ birthday, i happened to meet up with a bunch of old friends who have all left school/college, with a diploma, degree, or nothing. All part of the industrial/commercial fabric of Malaysia, comparing jobs and gossiping about who who has bought a new car, who who is getting a promotion, and so on. And to tell the truth, some are struggling.

Hearing these conversations, i feel left out. It’s as if everyone is moving on to a new phase of life, while i am still a student for many more years. Obviously i won’t have it any other way, but i can’t help to wonder –

how will it be when my turn comes? what will i be doing? who will i be working for? a blind slave to the trade? will my parents’ considerable investment in my education reap its rewards?

The answer lies many pages ahead in the book of my life, but i can only hope fervently that i acquit myself well.

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Fresh faces

My body is aching. Well actually it’s only my left calf and left thigh that ache. But they each ache so much i can’t even tell which aches more. All i know is when i take a step, pain signals shoot up to my brain. My shoulders and arms hurt too, but compared to my left leg, they’re like, nothing man.

On the plus side, i learnt some new moves over the classes these week- hooray. There was also a bunch of fresh faces; hope they’ll still be around after a month.

During Studio tutorial today with Mr Khoo i had to rack my brain hard thinking of ideas- and also during brainstorming session. The effort almost killed me. It is not working! (my brain, that is)


yet another boring, uninspired, unimaginative, unprovoking post.


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I can’t think.

I can’t think. not anymore. not now. I can’t focus. Can’t concentrate. It’s extremely infuriating when that happens.. i can’t seem to even string a few sentences together. Heck i can’t even think past a few days. Proof that too much World Cup and thinking inactivity addles your brain. This post ain’t gonna be a enlightening one, i’m thinkin.


On impulse i bought a book today at Borders, which is something that almost never happens, because i almost never buy books anyway. Except from 2nd hand bookstores. I’m cheapskate that way. I was wondering was it worth buying, flipping a few pages here and there and thinking long and hard, for about all of 2 minutes, and then i bought it anyway. It was The Catcher in the Rye, and it was the best 30 bucks i spent in quite awhile hahah. I known the title for as long as i can remember, though i dont know how or why. It’s just something i thought everyone knew about, and then finding out it’s just me.

More on the book, it’s a bildungsroman (go and wiki it) about this wacky nutcase of a 16-year old, over 2 or 3 definitive days of his (young) life. For more information go and wiki the title as well. There’s a long entry on it, probably cos’ it was goddamn controversial (goddam appeared in the book 255 times and it has rubbed off me :p) the most banned book (of all time?) and also the most taught book (in schools). a paradox if i ever saw one. Anyway i know how lazy you all are so i included the link-all you gotta do is click on them. It’s a really good book, i finished it already- if reading doesn’t bore you to death do check it out..

Bumped into Adrian and Sok Eng today, and we wandered through The Curve’s flea market’s maze of knicks knacks and what nots. I seem to see them wherever i go.

On a final note, aside from the book i also bought a Zoo York cap.. ekekeke

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