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An introduction..

Hello, i’m Alex. Readers who know me personally probably know me by a bunch of other nicknames.. This is my blog, the latest in a (short) line of blogs that i have started, (tried to) maintained, and failed. I really didn’t mean to abandon them (the previous blogs), it’s just that sometimes, after a certain stage, you know continuing things the way they are just don’t cut it, and everyone is better off starting anew.

It’s funny, but this blog didnt mean to end up starting this way, much like many other things in my life. At the 11th hour things didn’t go through, so i ended up with this free wordpress blog (hopefully temporarily) with one of those templates they provide (which happens to be the same one used by a friend). yeah Khai Yong if you are reading this sorry for using the same template ha ha

Due to my procrastinating, lazy and generally unmotivated behavior when it comes to things like blogging, i have no idea what the future lies for this blog.. all i can say is the usual (empty) talk that i’ll update frequently and stuff.. so enjoy while you can, and if you are a friend do check back often.

cheers! (reading back i sound rather subdued.. i wonder why.)


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